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Title: Availability,Accessibity and Frequency of Use of ICT tools by Health Professionals in Ilorim Metropolis in Kwara State
Authors: Afolayan, Oluyinka Titilope
Keywords: ICTs, Health professionals, Usage, E-mail, Teleconferencing, Video-conferencing
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Department of Computer Science, Covenant University, Otta,Sango,Ogun State.
Abstract: This research explores the availability, accessibility and the extent of ICT usage by health professionals in Ilorin metropolis. Data was collected using a sample size of 174 health service providers in 34 public and private hospitals by means of a structured questionnaire. Findings from this study indicate that the ICTs that were commonly available and used by the health professionals are the older ICTs. These include TV set, DSTV, photocopiers, fax machines, and convergent technologies like mobile phones and computers. Although, Internet driven facilities like video-conferencing, teleconferencing, web discussion forums and email among others, were not readily available to the health professionals, a comparative analysis reveals that there was superior availability and use of computers, projectors, e-mails and Internet by health professionals in private hospitals than those in public hospitals. This is as a result of the financial implications of procurement and installation of these facilities. Interestingly, the level of awareness of users on the numerous benefits of ICTs on their job and productivity is quite impressive. It is therefore, concluded that hospitals’ regulatory agencies should collaborate with International agencies such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Organization (UNO) and the European Union, among others, to aid in the successful implementation and funding for the procurement of sophisticated ICTs to facilitate the dissemination of up to date health information to public and private hospitals.
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